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Get Started with Sites

Brand new to Google Sites? Use this guide to get your site up and running.

Access your documents

To create a new document and to view a list of documents that you own or can edit:

  • Directly visit the page
    Enter<<YOURDOMAIN>> into your browser.

  • Or, visit from another Google Apps product
    When you're using a Google Apps product (e.g. Mail, Calendar), you'll see other Apps products listed at the top left of the page. Simply click Sites to access your sites list.

    Click 'Sites' from other Apps products

Once you've accessed your sites, click the Create new site button to begin the process.

'Create new site' button

Create your site

When you create a new site, you'll need to provide the following details (other information is optional, but these are required):

Site name

'Enter a site name

The name you select will autofill as the custom URL for your site. If you'd like a URL that differs from your site name, click into the URL field and make the appropriate changes (your title will not reflect the URL changes).

Access level

'Select an access level

You control who can view your site. Remember, if you make your site public, anyone in the world will be able to view your site. Choose with care!

* Domain administrators control whether it's possible to make sites available to the public. Check with your domain administrator if you're not able to view this sharing option.


'Theme options

Themes determine the overall look of your site - from standard solids to whimsical backgrounds, you can be your own site designer with one click of the mouse! If you're not entirely happy with the colors or fonts in a certain theme, don't worry, you'll be able to customize colors and fonts after your site is created.

That's it! Click Create site to finish the setup process.

''Create site' button

Your new site will automatically appear.

''Sample site

Edit pages in your site

To edit a page, click the Edit Page button in the upper right corner of the page.

'Edit page' button

An edit toolbar will appear that provides the tools necessary to edit the page.

''Edit toolbar

Insert options

Add text, insert tables, and edit the layout of the page.

There are also a variety of applications and gadgets available to enhance your site.

To start adding apps and gadgets to your site, select Insert, and pick the appropriate item you'd like to include.

Some useful apps and gadgets include:

  • Calendar: Make sure your project stays on schedule and embed a calendar that includes key due dates.

  • Document/Presentation/Spreadsheet: Embed a Google Document - when the source is modified, the document is updated automatically within Sites (this is true when embedding documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations).

  • Video: Upload a video from YouTube or Google Video. Simply paste the URL, enter a title, and save.

  • Map: Headed to an offsite meeting? Don't just provide directions, embed a map!

  • Recently updated files: Lists the latest additions/updates to your file.

There are also more gadgets created by Google and third-party sites available by selecting More gadgets... You'll be able to preview each gadget before adding it to your site.

Add pages to your site

Add pages to better organize information in your site. Click the Create Page button at the top right of your Site to create a new page.

Create Page button

The following formatting options are available, depending on the purpose of your page:

Page templates

  • Web Page: An unstructured page where you can add text, images, tables, and embed spreadsheets, presentation, videos and more.
  • Dashboard: A web page that displays an overview of information. The two-column page is pre-formatted with four gadget placeholders - click on each gadget to select the information you'd like to embed (e.g. calendar, document, presentation, etc.)
  • Announcements: An easy way to post chronological information (e.g. project updates, company announcements, etc.)

Page templates, continued

  • File Cabinet: Allows you to organize common documents in one place. Upload files from your hard drive and create a complete library of information.
  • List: Choose from list templates, or configure your own custom columns to easily track items.
  • Start Page: A web page with a special section that is restricted to each individual collaborator. Collaborators can still add content that everyone will see, but can add their own personalized set of gadgets that only they can view.

Share your site

Now that you've created your site, share and collaborate with others! Click More actions in the top right of any page and select Share this site.

More actions drop-down menu

As the site owner, you can control who can edit and view your site by adding others as owners, collaborators, or viewers.

Invite site collaborators

  • Viewers can only view the content on your site (they won't be able to make changes or invite others to view your site). Remember, if you make your site available to your entire domain, you do not need to send invitations for specific people to view it.
  • Collaborators can create, edit, organize and delete pages.
  • Owners can do everything a collaborator can do, PLUS edit themes/layout, delete the site, and invite other owners, collaborators or viewers.